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Your preferred supplier of High Grown and Single Estate Rooibos.

Where did it all start


Our wonderful journey with rooibos started during a visit to the Cedarberg region of the Western Cape, South Africa in 1996. We fell in love with the breathtaking beauty of the majestic Cape mountains, the tranquility of the open skies and the warm hearts of the locals.


It was on the crest of Gifberg, a region well known as one of the most prized rooibos areas in South Africa; where we found our "Eden", Tanqua Rooibos Estate. It was love at first sight and we just knew that this was where we were meant to be. We have been growing and exporting our very own high grown Rooibos tea since 1998. 

Into the future

Even though the industry was privatized from government in 1993, most of the commercial processors still follow the traditional way of pooling rooibos from different regions and farms to average out the differences in quality. Although this is perfectly suitable for larger universal brands, specialty brands require a more sophisticated rooibos to stand out from the mainstream.


Our company Redbush Teehandel is well positioned to service the unique requirement of specialty tea companies and both our single origin rooibos from the Maskam region and our high grown Tanqua single estate Rooibos will be the perfect choice for those that have a taste for quality, a sense for value and passion for life and the environment we live in.


A time for change

We firmly believe that the rooibos market is entering an era of profound change… The era where single origin and single estate Rooibos will lead the way in the development of the craft Rooibos market.

We live in a world where climate change, environmental ethics, our social interaction and the general well-being of people are no longer only considered polite dinner party topics but have become critical areas that require action and behavioural change if we want a prosperous future for mankind.


Together as farmer, supplier and customer we can drive the essential environmental and social change that is so sorely needed today.

Where is my cup of rooibos from?

We believe Rooibos consumers are now, more than ever, interested in knowing more about where their cup of Rooibos comes from and how it was produced.

As farmers we are the origin of the supply chain and therefore have a tremendous responsibility to set the stage for how we co-exist with the environment, the people living in it and the business that drives the economy. We invite you to partner with us, to help drive the change, for a better future for us all.

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