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Rooibos is not a true tea, but a herb. The brew made from the dried Rooibos leaves is therefore a herbal infusion (known as a tisane) rather than a tea, but is widely known as Rooibos tea.

Rooibos has a distinctive colour, flavour and aroma, which differentiates it from most other teas. The flavour can be described as slightly sweet and fruity.

Rooibos is graded according to colour, flavour, and cut length.

Rooibos ages well and can be stored for long periods without any deterioration in quality, flavour and taste.

What is not well known is that Rooibos is produced in different regions of the Western Cape and a small area is  under cultivation in the Northern Cape, South Africa.


The Most awarded region is the Maskam Region which is widely considered to produce the best rooibos in South Africa.

There are about 13 rooibos estates which form part of the Maskam region. In total they produce about 1500Mt of premium quality rooibos each year which is less than 10% of total production.


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