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Welcome to our Farm

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Tanqua Rooibos Estate


We have a rooibos farm in Africa, and this is our story.

Africa is a mystical place where it feels like your heart is beating to the rhythm of an invisible drum. It is the cradle of mankind, the place where we feel closest to our roots.

It is in this last frontier where tradition still trumps what is seen as the modern way, that you will find a special place, we call our home, Tanqua Rooibos Estate.

Now the saying that "home is where the heart is" is true, but what is not said is that the way your heart beats is just as important because the rhythm of the beat shows what your home is filled with.

So our hearts beat for Africa and Africa rewards us by sharing her beauty with us. Our home is a farm high on the crest of the renowned Gifberg, in the Maskam Region.

It is here, under the African sky, where this sense of tradition awakes the artisan in us.


As artisans we firmly believe that the whole is equal to the sum of the parts and therefore as artisans we are naturally inclined to focus on the smallest of details which, when put together, makes all the difference.

Our rich heritage and long history brings a realisation that ownership is a passing idea and carries huge responsibility. We fully embrace our role as guardian, of our eden Tanqua, for the many generations to follow after us.



  • Mountainous farm with elevation of 750m above sea level.

  • Mediteranian climate with warm to hot summers and mild to rainy winters.

  • Rainfall per annum : 550mm – 650mm



The farm situated in the Fynbos biome, with 2 vegetation types:

   - Vanrhynsdorp Skalie Renosterveld

   - Bokkeveld Sandstone Fynbos



Cape mountain leopard, Characal, Verrreaux’s eagle, Porcupine, Klipspringer, Red Duiker,

Southern Rock Agama, Spitting cobra, Puffadder and many more!

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